Alight Motion Apk, Import Xml File In Alight Motion

With Alight Motion Pro , you can create Motion Design on your smartphone or tablet. Animate, create visual effects, add motion graphics and more for videos with professional-quality animation.


Backup Alight Motion project

For switching to another phone or for sharing projects with others, you can backpack your Alight Motion project files.

This method, though, cannot backup large files such as audio, images, or videos. Only your editing work in the alight motion app will be backed up. To replace or re-import your previously imported audio, image, video, you can use your editing tool.

How to Back up Alight Motion Projects?

After you open alight motion, you will see the XML projects section where you can view all the projects you have created. You will find a share button at the top of the right-hand corner when you tap and hold the project you want to backup.

Choose share to backup. XML will appear at the end, click on it and choose export. Once you’ve selected where you want your project files saved, pasting it will save them.

Import XML Project Files in Alight Motion

In order to learn How to import XML Project Files into Alight Motion, it is important to know that Alight Motion no longer permits importing XML Project Files. To import XML project files from alight motion, we need to downgrade our alight motion version or to use the old alight motion APK version.

Copy and Paste any Effects

We may lose hope to use the original Alight motion project file if the original project file is missing, but those who are still reading this let me assure you, we can still use that effect by simply understanding How to Copy and Paste any Alight Motion Effects.

How to Copy Effects in Alight motion project?

Tap on the layout that has the effects you desire in the project you want the effect from, then you will see a dotted line (effect) at the bottom left corner of the page. Tap on this, and then the effects will be copied.

How to Past Effects in Alight motion project?

Go back to your Alight motion project where you want that effect to be added and select the layout you want to apply the effect to. Then tap on the right site corner three dots again, and then paste the effect. As a result, your project has now successfully been affected by those effects. Any effect can be copied and pasted

Alight Motion Key Features:

  • The use of multiple layers of graphics, videos, and audio
  • The device supports vectors as well as bitmaps (you can edit vector graphics directly on the device).
  • Enhancements and color corrections
  • All settings support keyframe animation
  • Create easing curves based on presets or build your own: Choose from presets or create your own
  • Motion blur caused by velocity
  • Export GIF or MP4 animations
  • Fill effects in solid colors and gradients
  • Shadows and borders
  • Assemble layers
  • Save your favorites for future use


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